Don’t Let Your Kids Get Sick From a Dirty Bounce House!

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Cleanest Bounce Houses in Milwaukee- GUARANTEED!

I used to work for a Milwaukee Area party equipment rental company and customers would often complain about dirty bounce houses.  My ex-employer said don’t worry about cleaning the rental equipment because all the customers care about is getting the cheapest bounce house possible. I beg to differ!

Parents who rent bounce houses place their trust in the rental company to ensure the safety of anyone using their equipment. This is something that we take very seriously at Fun Party Rentals.  The cheaper bounce house rental companies could be putting your children at risk.  More professional rental companies may charge a little more, but the renter can rest assured that the company takes the necessary steps to keep everyone safe.  Your bounce house rental company should have business insurance, be able to clearly explain the bounce house rules, and deliver a thoroughly cleaned bounce house.


Cleanest Bounce House In Milwaukee

When my business partner and I started Fun Party Rentals we pledged to have the cleanest bounce houses in the Milwaukee Area.  We may incur extra expenses with cleaning supplies and more labor. But we feel that it is worth the expense.  Our customers can be assured that they will get a clean Bounce House when renting with us.


All of Our Rental Equipment is Super Clean

Not only are our bounce houses rentals the cleanest, but all of our equipment will be delivered clean. We rent cotton candy machines, popcorn makers, sno-cone machines, tent, tables and chairs.  You can expect all of your party rental equipment to be delivered clean.


“I’m so glad that I rented from Fun Party Rentals. Their bounce house and cotton candy machine was delivered on time and extra clean. I rented a filthy bounce house from a different party rental company before.  I would recommend Fun Party Rentals to anyone looking for the best party rental equipment.”- Susan H.


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