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How To Keep Kids Safe In Bounce Houses

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If you have children, you know bounce houses are about as universally loved at kid’s birthday parties as ice cream and birthday cake. Lately there have been some news stories about bounce house accidents.

There is reason to be curious about these accidents, but there is no need to label bounce houses as dangerous. Kids need to have fun and bounce houses provide fun times for many kids. Naturally parents are concerned but kids can have fun in bounce houses with smart parents!

Some parents feel that bounce house rentals are an accident waiting to happen. But this doesn’t have to be case. If you take the proper precautions and follow all bounce house rules they can be safe. We rent bounce houses in the Milwaukee, WI area and countless kids have had a blast with our bounce houses.

Parents don’t have to rule out bounce house fun, but they should be aware of the steps to keep kids safe.

Deal Only With Trained Bounce House Professionals

Bounce houses are not the problem. Irresponsible people working with bounce houses are the problem. Don’t trust your kid to just anyone with a bounce house. Responsible bounce house rental companies have the duty to make sure your kids have safe fun. However, not all bounce house companies take this duty seriously.

Even worse you may be dealing with an individual with a bounce house as a side job. If anyone is serious about providing valuable services, they will take the time to get trained and run their business the right way. You may save money dealing with unprofessional bounce house people but it is not worth putting your children in harm’s way.

Inflatables Are For Good Weather Days Only

Wind is the number one enemy of inflatable bounce houses. Wind is also the main factor in the recent incidents where the bounce houses blew away. Responsible bounce house companies will refuse service during unsafe conditions. Parents must also know when it is too windy. Sure, the kids might cry when you tell them they need to come out of the bounce house, but tears are preferable to an incidents.

Make Sure The Bounce House Is Properly Tied Down

Most inflatable bounce house companies will setup the inflatables for the customers. Don’t just trust that these people automatically know what they are doing. Parents should be aware of proper tie-down procedures.

Some companies use 4-6 inch plastic tie-downs for their inflatables.  This is not going to keep your kids safe. This lack of proper judgment can create an otherwise avoidable situation. We always use large steel tie-downs to anchor our inflatable bounce houses.

Always Supervise Inflatables Bounce Houses

You probably would not let your kids go in the swimming pool unattended. So why would you let your kids get into a bounce house or an inflatable slide that is unattended? Inflatables are not babysitters! Parents need to focus on what is happening inside the bounce house at all times.

Only Same Age Kids in Bounce Houses

Kids in bounce houses at the same time should be about the same age and weight. Larger kids could launch small kids too high. Bullying of smaller kids could also be a potential problem. It is the parent’s job to make sure all kids are put into a safe, fun situation.

Some of our past clients will rent two bounce houses for one event. The larger bounce house will be for the big kids. While the smaller one will be for the younger kids. Keeping the kids separate is an easy way to keep the kids safe.

Bounce House Safety

If parents follow these simple rules, then kids should have safe fun with the bounce house rentals. Of course, there is always another approach; counting the days until your children are too big or too cool for bounce houses.

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